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Places Of Interest On Your Holidays in Thailand

Places Of Interest On Your Holidays in Thailand
Author: Andrew Gibson

Thailand has some great holiday home accommodation that holiday makers can rent while staying in Thailand on their vacations. Some holiday makers rent luxurious villas with swimming pools on one of Thailand's many clean beautiful beaches. Some holiday makers stay in self catering holiday apartments in Thailand.

A rich and colourful country, Thailand is a land of exotic monuments, splendid beaches, temples, shrines, waterfalls and lush green landscapes. Thailand is flanked by Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and the Gulf of Thailand. The country's tradition, culture and heritage attract many tourists from around the world. Visitors can get an up and close view of the Thailand and its people with boat rides and rice-barge cruises. Thailand is a blend of both traditional and modern.

Bangkok, the capital city is a popular destination for tourists. The city is the business centre and the hub of economic and political affairs. It is referred to as Krung Thep. Many holiday makers stay in a holiday apartment in Bangkok and experience the night life to the full of this capital city of Thailand.

The river Chao Phraya flows through the city. The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, the temple complex which is home to the Emerald Buddha, are also found in Bangkok. The city has drastically changed and become a slick, prosperous and modern place. The city is also home to around 300 Buddhist temples and shrines. The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is the most famous temple in the city. The floating market, modern night clubs, and many historically important buildings make this city such a popular tourist destination.

Chiang Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand and has many interesting views to offer in the form of ancient and beautiful temples, teak forests, elephants, caves, waterfalls and a visit to the hill tribes. Doi Suthep temple and elephant trekking are very popular with tourists staying here. Doi Suthep another famous temple in Thailand that is located on a hilltop. Elephant trekking allows the tourists to get a closer look at the natural splendour and wonderful places of the city.

Kanchanaburi province is filled with jungle clad hills and waterways. The town is the original site of the popular and historically famous Bridge over the River Kwai where allied prisoners of war and Thai labourers were killed by the Japanese. Train trips are arranged for a visit across the post war bridge and this is a very moving and emotional experience.

The Phang Nga Bey is located near to Phuket. The bay shot to international fame after the area featured in the James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. Around 3500 islands are scattered in this bay. The islands are home to fauna and flora. For many decades the islands were considered impenetrable but now canoe trips are arranged for the tourists and the locals through the tunnels and the cracks in the rocks. There are some stunning holiday villas in this part of Thailand.

Ko Phi Phi Islands are yet another place to visit on your holidays in Thailand. The twin islands are full of natural splendour. The largest of the two, Ko Phi Phi Don, is dumbbell shaped and has a coastline that is full of white beaches and further inland tropical rainforest.

It does not matter if you want to stay at the hill tribe villages, go elephant trekking, adventurous boat rides or admiring the stunning seascapes and landscapes, Thailand can provide them all. Many holiday makers choose to rent a holiday villa or stay in a self catering apartment during their holiday in Thailand and use them as a base to explore this stunning country.

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Travel Agency

Travel Agency
Author: reza desita

Have you booked your dream holiday yet? You should begin searching out deals now,

you may miss out your perfect holiday. You can booking you holidays a travel agent, browsing exotic location guide pages and pouring over holiday brochures.

And also looking for one of the many cheap holidays is simple if you have access to a computer and the internet.

Today people live the full ones, packed with effort, concern and occupied lives. Their programs are full with the work, family and other critical responsibilities. One thing that they miss generally is relieving and recreation. They need a Travel agency than can give them the perfect service together with the discounts and cheap holidays. It takes a lot of time to find an appropriate agency and the right person to be your own guide in the world of travels. You get the perfect service and all the necessary information at one place without any need to go somewhere and spend the precious minutes of your life.

How to choose the right travel agency for your holiday? The first thing is you must searching through dozens of companies' sites looking for the best package holiday deal, contact them and ask about their service. I mean that you must interview them, ask about how long he or she has been in business, Ask about fees, does the agent you’re interviewing seem distracted or focused on trying to help you? If you don’t like what you see, move on. Good travel agents have an edge over almost any other seller of travel. They know what you want, speak your language and they’re there for you when you run into trouble.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-tips-articles/travel-agency-493122.html

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Backpacking In Thailand

Backpacking In Thailand
Author: Craig Bullock

Planning a trip to Thailand appeals to travelers of all shapes, sizes and budgets because it is quite easy to navigate about the different cities and main attractions. The travel is also inexpensive, leaving you with more money to explore the booming silk industry, as well as the delicious cuisine. Thai food melds a combination of mind, body and soul into their spicy and sweet balanced meals, offering some of the best dishes in the world.

Why Thailand is So Popular

When planning a backpacking trip to Thailand, you may have heard of what attracts tourists to the various areas about the country. In the North, trekking through the mountains is quite popular. More than 300 temples can be located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Chiang Mai. Top-notch quality and inexpensive stays can be found at every corner, offering flavorful food and interesting shopping outlets.

As a backpacker, you will find an abundance of places to stay at in the area, including Julie's Guesthouse. At this establishment, you will be able to sign up for a couple of days trekking through the jungle that features lovely views and a first-hand look at how the locals thrive. To avoid getting hit by the monsoon rains, plan an adventure for this area between the months of October and April.

Central Thailand brings the allure of Bangkok, which overflows with shopping, addicting cuisine, palaces and temples. The Chao Phraya River provides a great scene to explore. Main attractions to consider include the Royal Palace, the Wats and Chinatown, as well as the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Notable festivals can be experienced in Ayuthaya, where scenic riverside gardens await in Sukhothai. The endless possibilities for exploration are mind-boggling. The islands of Southern Thailand bring you closer to white sands and warm waters. The largest of the bunch is called Phuket, where other notable selections include the Phi Phi Islands and the waterfalls of Krabi.


Many tourists enjoy the overall aspect of Thailand nightlife. This is one of the main reasons a large amount of travelers backpack throughout the country: nature, culture, food and fun. If it's a good time you're looking for, try the many go-go and beer bars in Pattaya, as well as Chaweng Beach (Ko Samui) that parties into the wee hours of the night. Koh Phangan is the site where thousands of locals and tourists gather to celebrate by the light of the full moon. It's a world famous beach party that never seems to end, offered once every month. It is one of the best places to experience the food, drink and dance of Thailand island life in an event that literally rocks the senses.

The law of the land states that bars and nightclubs close at 2 in the morning when visiting Bangkok, but there is always somewhere to go, whether it's just a delicious restaurant tucked away on a side street. The largest area to explore is called Patpong, which provides three streets to explore. For more information on the ins and outs of Thailand, check out the latest information posted on www.jeng-thailand.com.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-articles/backpacking-in-thailand-66572.html

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Travelling Thailand: 5 Top Destinations

Travelling Thailand: 5 Top Destinations
by: Robert Thatcher

With several sights to see and surprises to offer, Thailand could be one of the best locations you should not miss to visit. Culture, beaches, people, and heritage sites are some of the things you can expect when you travel to Thailand.

Bangkok – Traveling Thailand wound not be complete without visiting Bangkok. As the nation’s capital with an estimated population of over 10 million (including the neighboring provinces), this city is by far the largest in the country. The city is divided into 50 districts or khet but for tourists and those who are new in the place, 6 divisions would be more useful. These are Ratchadaphisek in the northeast section of the city, Sukhamvit in the southeast, Silom in the south, Thonburi in the west, Rattanakosin in the central north, and Phahanyothin in the north. The whole Bangkok district would give you a diverse taste of culture, history, religion, modernity, and fast-phase life. You can actually witness how all these blend together to comprise the whole Bangkok package. Buddhist temples, historical museums, towering buildings, contemporary restaurants and hotels, shopping centers, canals and rivers, and food make Bangkok a one of a kind city in Southeast Asia.

Phuket – Down south, Phuket features magnificent beaches, tropical sunsets, white sands, blue seas, and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder it is the most popular vacation destination in Asia beating every beaches of the neighboring countries. It has several beaches like Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Patong Beach, Kamala Beach, and Surin Beach. The island showcases several water sports and activities including parasailing, jet-skiing, and scuba diving. By day, Phuket is alive with beachgoers and shoppers and by night, lights, sounds, and party people dominate the whole island.

Chiang Mai – The second largest city in Thailand with an estimated population of more than 200,000. This city located in the northern part of the country offers greener and quieter city. Chiang Mai’s tourism is becoming more and more popular and permanently settling at this city is very common. When you travel Thailand and visit Chiang Mai, you surely would want to see museums such as Hilltribe Research Institute Museum and the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center. With religion and history enriching the city, you can see several Buddhist temples such as Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Oo-Mong, Wat Phra Jao Mengrai, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, and Wat Chedi Luang. The oldest temple dates back in the 11th century. Chiang Mai features attractions such as Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February, Bo Sang Umbrella & Sankampang Handicrafts Festival in January, The 2nd Orchid Fair also in January, and the Loi Krathong Festival usually falls in November.

Pattaya – Located 150 km. north of Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which offers great beaches, beer and go-go bars, and a wide array of sport activities. Visit Pattaya when you travel Thailand is a must. Although it is the most overdeveloped part of the country in terms of tourism, prices in Pattaya still remains with reach. In fact, prices of foods, accommodation, and transportations are very affordable.

Krabi – In a small province of Krabi lies a small town with the same name. Paying a visit Krabi town when you travel Thailand is worth the time. Located south of Bangkok near Phuket and Phi Phi island, the town features great beaches along with high end hotels and not so expensive hotel that cater tourists of different classes.


How to Find Cheap Ticket Online

How to Find Cheap Ticket Online
By: Mark Lee

How often have you licensed your thoughts to sprint the highest level of imagination and then, the very next moment, fallen off. Dreams always take a toll when they strike the hardcore realisms of life. Who doesn’t dream of exploring the world in his/her life span? But then it’s not all that easy, isn’t it? The biggest obstacle in any traveler’s log book over the years has been the expense associated with air travel. But now times have changed. Today, you have the license to incorporate all your fantasies to reality with the help of these travel sites. With options of several airline services to choose from you can get to your desired destination without much nuisance. Grasp your cheap ticket online and experience an unforgettable holiday.

The only thing that should come to your mind when you plan a vacation is spending time with family, lots of enjoyment, fun and some of the most cherished moments of your life.

Don’t even think about those days when standing in long queues and paying a lot of money was a frequent activity for any vacationer. With changing times the task of finding cheap ticket online is not as tedious as it was earlier. You just have to log on to any of the travel sites and pick the options that best accommodate with your travel schedule.

Switch on your computer to witness how these numerous travel sites help you experience a much awaited vacation. You just have to find an appropriate travel site and tag along the instructions as mentioned there. Irrespective of the reason for your travel, be it personal or professional, saving some money is always sensible and helpful too.

Many travel sites argue that they offer the best discounts and most attractive deals for their customers; you just have to evaluate few deals and select the one that best suits your travel plan. Get up to investigate the authenticity of these travel sites and ultimately experience a vacation that you have been dreaming of for a long-long time.

Now you have the luxury of being at home or your workplace and still avail these fabulous offers. Eliminate all your distressing thoughts about your hard earned money as picking up the best and the easiest option is just at a distance of few mouse clicks. If you have already decided where to go then you have done your part. Leave the rest to these travel sites. They will provide you with all the relevant information about the schemes and plans being run by different airlines which will make things easier for you. Scheduling your dream vacation is no longer as complicated as it was easier.

You can easily get all the information regarding places to visit, hotel accommodations, currency, and transport services right from the comfort of your computer. Log on to these web sites and single out the one that convinces you the most. Abbreviate all your traveling woes and select the quick way of traveling with cheap tickets online.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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Southern Thailand: the Andaman Coast

Southern Thailand: the Andaman Coast
Author: Moonoi

As Highway 4 switches from the east flank of the Thailand peninsula to the Andaman coast it enters a markedly different country : nourished by rain nearly all the year round, the vegetation down here is lushly tropical, with forests replacing up to 80m in height, and massive rubber and coconut plantations replacing the rice and sugar-cane fields of central Thailand. In this region’s heartland the drama of the landscape is enhanced by sheer limestone crags, topographical hallmarks that spike every horizon and make for stunning views from the road. Even more spectacular and the main crowd-puller – is the Andaman Sea itself : translucent turquoise and so clear in some places that you can see to a depth of 30m, it harbors the country’s largest coral reefs and is far and away the top diving area in Thailand.

Unlike the Gulf coast, the Andaman coast is hit by the southwest monsoon form May to October, when the rain and high seas render some of the outer islands inaccessible. However, conditions aren’t generally severe enough to ruin a holiday on the other islands, while the occasional mainland cloudburst is offset by the advantage of notably less expensive and crowded accommodation. Although some bungalows at the smaller resorts shut down entirely during low season.

Eager to hit the high-profile beaches of Phuket and Krabi, most people either fly over the first three-hundred-kilometer stretch of the west coast or ass through it on an overnight bus, thereby missing out on the lushly forested hills of Ranong province and bypassing several gems: the tiny and still idyllic island of Ko Chang (not to be confused with its larger, more famous namesake off the east coast); the Ko Surin and Ko Similan island chains, whose reefs rate alongside the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reef; the enjoyable Khao Sok National Park, where you can stay in a tree-house beneath the shadows of looming limestone outcrops; and the mid-market resort of Khao Lak, which hugs the rugged mainland coast on the edge of Khao Lak National Park. Tourism begins in earnest on Phuket, Thailand’s largest island and the best place to learn to dive. The high-rises and consumerist gloss that characterize much of Phuket don’t appeal to everyone, however, and many travelers opt instead for the slightly less mainstream but very popular beaches around the former fishing village of Krabi. Nearby the stunningly beautiful Ko Phi Phi attracts a lot of attention considering its size, and is beginning to crack under the strain, so many travelers have moved on again, searching out hideaways on Ko Lanta and bringing custom to the tiny retreats of Ko Jum and Ko Bubu.

Getting to Andaman coast destinations is made easy by Highway 4, also known as the Phetkasem Highway - and usually called Thanon Phetkasem when it passes through towns. The road runs from Bangkok to the Malaysian border, and frequent air-con and ordinary busses ply this route, connecting all major – and most minor – mainland tourist destinations. There is no rail line down the Andaman coast by bus before preceding southwards. Ferries to the most popular islands usually leave several times a day (with reduced services during the monsoon season), but for more remote destinations you may have to charter your own or wait for islanders’ trading boats to pick you up. Alternatively, you fly direct to the Andaman coast: there’s a busy international airport on Phuket, plus useful local ones in Krabi and Ranong.

Khao Sok National Park – Sleep in a tree-house and wake to the sound of hooting gibbons. more ...
Ko Similan – Remote chain of islands with some of the best diving in the word. more ...
Reefs and wreaks – Dive Thailand’s finest underwater sights from Phuket, Ko Nang or Ko Phi Phi. more...
Phuket – Thailand’s largest island and p province in its own right. There are many activities of watersport, diving more...
Sea-canoeing along the Krabi coastline – The perfect way to explore the region’s myriad mangrove swamps and secret lagoons. more...
Rock climbing on Leam Phra Nang – Get a bird’s eye view of fabulous coastlal scenery. more ...
Ko Lanta – The loveliest white sand beach. more ...
Ko Jum – Tiny island where there’s nothing to do but chill out. more ...

reference info. by The Rough Guide

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-articles/southern-thailand-the-andaman-coast-398958.html

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London for Young Travelers

London for Young Travelers
Author: Lisa Guster

London is considered to be one of the most marvelous cities on the planet. It is an extraordinary spot for kids. Small travelers are fond of automobiles so the trip itself can be amusing. Traveling by a coach, bus or black cab, using the underground or simply observing the traffic is sure to amuse practically all small children.

You perhaps won’t consider it to be quite as attractive. In case your small kid is truly crazy about autos, the best option for you is the modernized London Transport Museum. It is located in Covent Garden. In fact, there is a connection between traffic and the development of contemporary London

There are lots of usual sites in the capital that may amaze children, like famous characters, and extraordinary activities in the period of school breaks, for instance building a bus. Young travelers are sure to admire the Museum Depot which contains models of steam and electric coach sets on a tiny railway. The London Aquarium contains about four hundreds species. In this place your children will no doubt take pleasure in observing various living things from sharks to piranhas.

The excursion to this attraction also comprises a swimming pool for small visitors to feed the fish. More over, there are regular shows of Captain Pugwash and his crew.
In case you are hanging about on the South Bank in search for attractions, then it is highly advised to visit the Tate Modern Museum. This place provides a great number of interesting things for families with kids. The construction itself is a radiant spot for teens to investigate.

Every Saturday and Sunday the Start group is ready to organize thrilling games to play there. In case you want to break away from the hurly-burly of the South Bank, take your kids for half an hour trip to another London’s attraction - the London Eye.

This amazing structure is located opposite the Houses of Parliament. You will never forget this thrilling practice and are sure to enjoy it whatever your age. The observations are marvelous and on a fine weather you can perceive almost forty kilometers from the peak.